Friday, May 28, 2010

wal-mart sex discrimination

whats happening in wal-mart is that a group of women that worked in wal-mart for a long time are sueing them for discrimination getting paid" less than men and and gave them fewer promotions." this happenign everywere not jsut wal-mart ,but since this is the biggest company in America without a union it was easier to target them. the majority of workers in Wal-mart are women so they felt they should do something about this problem.

post #5

The interviewer wants to find out what goes on through peoples head when they drop out of high school. Why do they drop out in the first place and what were the consequences they had to go through without education.

What I understood from the interview was how honest and up front the interviewee felt about teachers . How they were teaching but they weren’t very concern about the students as individuals like what a specific kids weakness are; Instead they would do it for the money and not actually care about the kids needs to progress in school.

This interview reminds me of wal-mart because managers or supervisor weren’t concern with the workers problems , they just drill them with more work till they crack , and that how other interview are incommon with this one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

essay # 2 draft

In the essay “ confronting Inequality” by paul Krugman explains different reasons why there is a gap in between social classes and the income that rich people earned throughout the years leading up to today. There have been a lot of speculation about the gilded age returning and the rich becoming more rich while the middle become poor. krugman describes the different reasons why this inequality is occurring and why people should be concern.

post # 3 Confronting inequality

I think people should care about the high rise of inequality because then there wouldn’t be a middle class; this country wouldn’t be democratic. There wouldn’t be any point of competing among businesses if a business would defeat its competitors, buy there business, and start monopolizing. It’s a very sick cycle that we are reliving. Bringing back the gilded age when Carnegie and JPMorgan ran this country. They took competition to the next level and became ruthless. This is why people should be concern and read in between the lines politics talk about “working middle class” and what this country stand for, because in reality; majority of the time they don’t practice what they preach.


I believe that eliminating test for potential employees should be done to improve the work environment. For Wal-Mart because it would improve the economy and other aspects of the company also make workers and customer.

People have to make a living and should be giving equal opportunity to do so. A lot of low and middle class families have to take on two jobs to pay their bills and feed their kids. Also a lot of families have to leave their neighborhood to find a cheaper place to live. On one hand, people would feel discriminated from having the chance to work because of a test to determine the work ethic that the person would be able to provide.

I personally think is very unnecessary to have a test like best-buy or Macys have in their companies. It puts a damper on certain people that are trying to move up in the work force

Also having an alternative to provide training for different position in Wal-Mart like stock, sales rep, human services etc. Employees would be able to attend to more customers and have efficient skills to carry conservation. Open or close transaction with customers and have a great impact in their daily lives.

eliminate test employees wouldn’t be overloaded with work of two or three people. Manager and supervisors forget that people breaks and it can take a lot of energy and put stress on them and the quality of work goes down.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

hello people

hiiiiiiii everybody!!!